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So is my version on how to extend the life of your mousse.

Most mousses on the market today are very good and have the potential to last you a good few tires if properly looked after.

Running a moousse usually enables you to finish every ride you go to without problems.

We have a bigger range of moousses to choose from now than in the past.

We have softer ready to race moouses that are real good but may not last as long as a harder moouse but by golly they are sweet to start with and dont take 2 tires before you get good traction!

Some out rides are far to get to and you dont want to be the guy letting your friends down and having to go back to the car half way into the ride!

I definitely opt for Mousses , even when you have that real fast and hard hit on a rock or donga i found you are less likely to damage your rim.

So , How do we get a good life out of a moouse?

Firstly get an experienced fitter to install the moouse and pay a bit more to do the job right so as not to damage or cut it on installation and seal the old valve hole so as not to let dirt and water in to corrode or damage the rim and abrade the moouse. 

Secondly there are two different types of frictional heat sources on the moouse when it runs.

One on the outside of the moouse between the tire rubber and the outer moouse surface and the other from the inside of the center of the moouse from the foam rubber cells in the center of the moouse mooving against each other heating up.

The hotter part being the center of the mousse and heres the catch!

The rubber moulds itself when it cools down so after riding your bike and heats up the moouse so get the bike on the stand as soon as possible or roll the tires a bit forward when you stop on the out ride every now and again to minimise having those flat spots in the moouse.

Another interesting factor is that after having ridden and  you stop the bike the temperature rises much higher while the bike is standing as  there is no moving air on the outside of tire to cool it when standing.

The next option to maintaining your moouse i have been using for a long time now and it works!

To reduce the friction temperature between the tire and moouse i use RED RUBBER grease that has a higher melting point than standard products so as the temperatures goes extremely high inside the tire the RED RUBBER grease is less likely to break down to a water like liquid and steam away. The red rubber grease also seems to treat the rubber better , something like Dubbin to Leather. It also helps to seat the mouse nicely between the rim and tire.

Its best to start with a big moouse like a 140 then after about two tires (if you have maintained your moouse properly ) go to a 130 , then another two tires 120. etc

This is just a guideline and will vary according to how we hooligans abuse our tires ! , so remember to feed your moouse Red RUBBER GREASE and rest it well ! LOL





Sprockets and chain selection and maintinance

Today we have a great range of very good sprockets and chains so choose well and by doing the following you could extend your life of your product a lot and save you in the long run!

Our company only sells good Quality tested products at as good a price we can get it to you for.

Your sprocket choice will depend in your riding terrain , your bike motor size and how agresive you like your bike to be.

It will vary from person to person and knowing how to use them can make a big difference in your riding.

Going bigger on the front sprocket will give more speed less power up steep climbs.

Bigger on the back sprocket will give less speed and more power up steep climbs.

And visa versa

Changing one tooth bigger on the front sprocket has a similar effect to changeing three teeth on the back sprocket.

Playing with the sizes will help to suit your riding style as to weather you want the bike to be more agresive and powerfull or smooth and fast

Anyway the trick is to select a good product and try to get two or three front sprockets to one back when you buy your chain and sprocket set.

Keeping rotating the front sprocket and after every few rides and spray the chain with some spray oil will give you good results.

Remember the front sprocket rotates several times to one rear sprocker rotation.

The teeth on the front sprocket wear sooner  , they get too loose and stretch the chain links

The chain in turn stretches its links and wears the back sprocket teeth.

So you could extend your chain and sprocket lifespan extensively and extend your Rand by doing a bit of maintinance just  rotating the front sprocket and oiling the chain.






Cleaning and maintaining your air filter

As i mentioned above , spend little more and save a lot by buying a good air filter that can last a good couple of washes.

It is crucial to keep your air filter clean all the time , it is the lungs of your bike and can extend you engine lifespan by a span!

It may seem like a simple thing but there is a good way to clean your filter like new and keep them lasting and effective.

I have run into a few guys who throw the air filter away after two or three rides...?

Anyway i found for me the best way to maintain my air filter is as follows!

First clean the air filter in a bit of petrol.

Second clean the filter with some sunlight liquid, dont be shy with the sunlight liquid  and avoid the wife seing you!

Squish the dirt out the foam pores  with the sunlight liquid foam and rinse it well with water .

Dry the filter.

Pour some air filter oil into a checkers packet and spread the oil evenly inside the packet.

Open the packet and put the filter into the oiled packet.

Spread the oil evenly onto the foam.

Flip the filter over and push it upside down into the packet.

Make sure you also get the oil onto the base of the filter .

Install the filter into your bike

You wont waste oil this way and you will get a nice even distribution of oil on the filter and a great strong lasting motor!

Tire choices

Oh My goodness this can be a long and good conversation but lets hit the basics in the head and not go into detail at this point.


Depending on your riding ability , pocket and opinion this varies a lot

However my rule of thumb is a good tires gives good traction ,

a great ride ,

reduces your falling rate that could break you and your bike costing much more money than you saved.

I have noticed that with a good soft compound tire you can run the tire much deeper into the knobbly and still have great traction.

So the question is if you are now able to run a good soft knobbly almost to the carcase as opposed to half a knobbly on a hard tire ,is it not saving you in the long run and giving you excellent traction for longer at the same time and helping to reduce costly injuries and bike repairs

Obviously if you spin all day then the soft compound wont last but SPINNING AiNT WINNING!

So does shock setup make a difference

This is one of the most opinionated factors in off road riding and believe me it takes time ,money and dedication to get your suspension perfect for you but when you do you are going to enjoy your riding a whole lot more and you will be able to put your riding skills to much higher levels.

These bikes have incredible abilities when set up properly to handle the roughest terrain and harshest conditions.

There are some real good Suspension Gurus out there to assist like Dc , Hilton Haywood ,TBR suspension and FCR and many others, they can turn your suspension from the ugly duckling to the golden goose.





Ohlin performance suspension

Protective wear

Protective wear can be one of the best investments especially when starting out riding.

Having an accident without protective wear can be very expensive and have long term effects on your health.

Yes it can be expensive however you dont need to buy very expensive protective wear straight off the bat.

You could buy cheaper basic protective wear but its not advised to have no protective wear.

A basic knock on a rock on an elbow or knee could lead to high medical costs so just buy a basic arm or knee gard to start and upgrade later as you progress with the sport.

Buying protective wear factors to consider are comfort , move ability , airflow to keep you cool and keeping to lighter colors on the outside of you kit will be cooler.